Say goodbye to paper menus and inaccurate payments.

    Mealsite is a dedicated online ordering system for school lunch programs. Parents or students order conveniently with a smartphone or desktop computer for one day or an entire month. Offer more choices, prepare only what is needed, and save money.


Intuitive calendar based ordering. Accept orders months in advance or even up to an hour before. You are in control.


Service one school or an entire district. Perfect for public or private schools, food vendors, and catering services large or small.


Rapid meal input methods with detailed reports. Create an organized flow to stock, prepare, and serve quality meals to your clients.

Mealsite Gets It Done!

Mealsite has a comprehensive set of features to help your business focus on food delivery. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Rapid Menu Input
    Configure product types and reusable product templates, which then are added to menus with one step any time you want to offer it.
  • Multiple Menus per School
    Per-grade or per-group menus. For example, Pre-K and 1st grade may have different choices, portions, or prices than 2nd-5th grade with only two menus.
  • Multiple Price Levels
    Students on the free and reduced lunch program can place their own orders.
  • Daily Meals, Sales, and Transaction Reports
    Knowing how many servings of food to prepare can significantly cut down on wasted food.
  • Fast Order Selection
    The calendar order form makes it easy for parents to decide what days lunch is needed.
  • Order for Multiple Students
    Parents of children attending different schools listed in your Mealsite can checkout with a single transaction.
  • Mobile Friendly
    Place your order from home or the carpool line with the same easy user experience.
  • Customer Accounts
    Parents may preconfigure their students and billing info to allow faster ordering and view order history.
  • Guest Ordering
    Accounts are encouraged, but customers do not have to create an account to place an order.

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We specialize in helping school cafeterias make food orders easy. Parents love it, and your cafeteria saves money by only preparing what is needed.

With more than 5 years of real world experience, we can proudly say Mealsite is a trusted ordering system for schools across the country.

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