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Mealsite is a turn-key solution that allows you to accept web orders for school lunches at a fixed monthly cost per school. Parents, students, and faculty place orders and pay online at their convenience. Each day you can use your Mealsite to generate reports to know how many meals to prepare and who they are for.

There are many advantages. We have listed a few below:
  • Competitive Advantage - When bidding or competing for contracts with local businesses, you will be able to offer the convenience, organization, and reporting features of an online ordering system.
  • Supply Purchases - Take the guesswork out of stocking food supplies. Use the reports from your Mealsite to see the demand for your menu offerings.
  • Business Cash Flow - Being paid in advance for meals creates a positive cashflow, allowing you to purchase food supplies from cash on hand.
  • Customer Convenience - Parents can order ahead daily, weekly, monthly, or even further depending on how far in advance you make your menus available.
  • More Consumer Choice - Our interactive, calendar-based menu system allows you to specify meal, drink, and additional choices for each day. Thanks to accurate reporting of meal orders you will be able to easily expand the choices available if you choose to do so.

With Mealsite you are in full control of the customer experience. You can setup your menu to allow advance orders as far as your menu is planned. You can also set a cut-off time for orders such as the day before by 10 PM or same day by 8 AM.

You will receive a full report indicating meal choices per school grade, class, and student. Reports can be viewed and filtered through the admin and exported to Excel for other uses. Some clients use Excel exports for label printing to quickly and conveniently label meals as they prepare them. The result is an organized flow for stocking, prepping, and serving meals to your clients.

With Mealsite you can accept credit card and check payments. Credit card transactions are preferred as they guarantee payment and allow you to service meals for your customer with the assurance the meal has been paid for.

With your Mealsite admin you can edit or cancel orders for each student. Mealsite calculates the difference and allows you to apply the credit to a future meal purchase or refund the amount to the customer's credit card.

We specialize in helping school cafeterias make food orders easy. Parents love it, and your cafeteria saves money by only preparing what is needed.

With more than 5 years of real world experience, we can proudly say Mealsite is a trusted ordering system for schools across the country.

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